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Dan Heon and his team at the Canadian Mortgage Team Alberta have a valuable niche in the Canadian Mortgage Industry. Dan’s specialty is working with people who are committed to their own success by adding Real Estate to their portfolio.


Dan Heon has been a mortgage broker since 2002, a real estate investor since the mid 1990s and is well-known in the Alberta real estate investment community. He became a mortgage broker when efforts to grow his own portfolio were challenged by conventional lenders.

Over the last 3 decades Dan has personally acquired over 83 properties and has executed all real estate investment tactics such as buy and hold, fix and flip, buy – renovate – rent – refinance – repeat (BRRR), land development, multi-family and many others.

Dan and the Canadian Mortgage Team have financed over 6400 real estate investment transactions for investors across the country. They have been recognized as part of the Top 50 Mortgage Brokers in Canada. Dan is a published author and public speaker that has personally helped mentored hundreds of real estate investors.

Dan Heon

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