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Condominium Buildings. Condominium Owner’s Survey Released

Condominium Owner’s Survey Released

Is Condo Flipping driving prices sky high in Canada’s two hottest markets? It might shock you to see the results that CMHC has released concerning the spending habits of people purchasing Condominiums in Canada’s two hottest markets. Toronto and Vancouver…

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Being a Specialist is just Smart!

One type of property/deal in a certain designated location. I have worked with many people over the past 16 years and the ones that stood out and really excelled were the ones that had a specialty in their certain investing.…

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New Downpayment Rules Kick In

Late last year our finance minister decided to make some changes for the mortgage industry. The new downpayment rule states that if a person wishes to put the minimum amount into a property. Then they must pay 5% for the…

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