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The mortgage world is moving so quickly that information becomes outdated and this misinformation hurts investors and their ability to grow their portfolio. Real estate investors need a financial mentor they can count on to provide strategic guidance. Dan Heon and the Canadian Mortgage Team have financed over 6400 real estate investment transactions and have served investors coast-to-coast as part of Canada’s top 50 Brokers.


Sometimes getting a mortgage isn’t enough. There is no school where you learn how to become a real estate investor and this is why Dan Heon offers Consulting Services. Some investors have big goals, big dreams but don’t know how to get started. Some investors get stuck and need some extra help to achieve the next level of success. Being personally coached by Dan Heon could be the answer you’ve been looking for. Dan has been an investor and a real estate developper for over 26 years and has personally acquired over 83 properties. He’s a published author and public speaker looking to make a difference for investors who need it.

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Like you, our clients were looking for a financial mentor not just a mortgage broker. If you’re ready to get started book a FREE discovery call with Dan Heon and the Canadian Mortgage Team today!

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